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Victoria J. Hyla (Author)/Victoria Hyla Maldonado (Author/Editor)

My Current Projects

Poetry Project for a Friend

New book set in Mexico

YA First Kiss Short Story

Paranormal Romance Short Story

Above are the current things rolling around in my brain, but most recently, I've completed my first newsletter, so that has been taking up most of my time recently. Now that is finished, back to the creativity portion of our show.


I'm steadily editing and organizing the posthumous poetry collection for a dear friend (about 500 down, 100+ to go), and while I'm not doing that, I'm actively writing the Paranormal Romance Short Story noted above. It's something I've never tried to do before, and I have yet to land on a satisfying title for it, but I believe I'm getting close. I just came into an interesting plot twist that I believe will get me there soon. It's almost done! 


Then I believe I need to jumo on the YA First Kiss Story as that is due relatively soon, then back to the New book set in Mexico (it's always percolating in the back of my head, and it's mostly sketched out so it's a matter of sitting down and just doing it.)

Current Projects

  • New romance novel trilogy: Hotel Brisas set in Mexico, Book 1: Rooted Hearts
  • Hugo the Humble (children's)
  • "By the Book," Imperfect Date romantic comedy short (2023)
  • Collaborative fantasy piece with Fox Valley Writers Group
  • Summer Beach romance short  (2023)
  • Girls 3-Day Getaway romance short (2023)
  • Christmas workplace romance short (December 2023)
  • Cross-world fantasy short (TBD)




In-Person Events

Stay Tuned

Online Events

June 17-26: Luv-a-Palooza Romance Readers Extravaganza.

October 7-9: Love & Devotion Author Fair (stay tuned for more).

Private Events

May 20 WESOS Naperville Sponsor: Join me in Naperville on Friday, May 20, at 9:30 am at Paris Bistro in Naperville. Victoria Hyla Maldonado is sponsring.

June 3 WESOS South Aurora Speaker and Sponsor: Join me in Aurora on Friday, June 3, at 12:00 p.m. at Paulie's Pub & Grill in Aurora. Victoria Hyla Maldonado is sponsoring and speaking on the topic of Blog Your Way to “Expert” Status.

June 23 WESOS Aurora Speaker and Sponsor: Join me in Aurora on Thursday, June 23, at 11:30 am at Mike & Denise's in Aurora. Victoria Hyla Maldonado is sponsoring and speaking on the topic of The Value of Your Story.

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