Victoria J. Hyla (Author)/Victoria Hyla Maldonado (Author/Editor)
Victoria J. Hyla (Author)/Victoria Hyla Maldonado (Author/Editor)

Hearts Drawn Wyld Trilogy

Reader Review 

What I like about Victoria's writing is the way she immediately draws you in and keeps you engaged in the story. Her characters are so interesting. They have such chemistry. She's great with character development, description of the settings in Chicago, Santa Fe, back to Chicago, and in France.


Tough topics are dealt with at times, but she does it with purpose, and sometimes it reflects real parts of her life. I love what inspired these books. She has so much of herself in them and yet so much imagination and creativity as well. 


Steamy scenes... wow, she can do them well, but not at all like romance novels. Her characters and plots have true depth. I can't wait for her Mexican trilogy about two women fixing up a hotel/bed and breakfast!

--Kyran Wilson

The Books

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In Death We Part

Book 1 of the Hearts Drawn Wyld Trilogy, it follows Brianna Wylder on her journey of healing after the death of her parents. She is shipped off to New Mexico and encounters Matt Brennan while leaving Ben Davis back home.

Running in the Mists

Book 2 of the Hearts Drawn Wyld Trilogy, it follows Brianna back in Chicago trying to pick up the pieces of yet another tragedy and attempting to allow herself to find love again.

Awake in Elysian Fields

Book 3 of the Hearts Drawn Wyld Trilogy, it follows Elyse Brennan Wylder on her journey to Paris to learn about her murdered mother's past and find love in the city of lights.

Celebrating the Trilogy in Pictures

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