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Bartleby the Brave wins Honorable Mention in the 2021 Penelope's Prize Children's Book Awards

☘️ Storybook Pub 2 is out!
Have you been charmed? Storybook Pub 2 is a mixed sub-genre contemporary romance anthology featuring the proprietor of pubs around the world, Kole O'Shea!
My story is just one of many, and I'm looking forward to sharing "A Stitch in Time," full of romantic suspense and a hint of magic. Follow Chloe as she runs from her past and finds solace at the pub trhough Kole's unerring generosity. There she meets Kevan, a man at a turning point in his own life. Sparks fly and hearts beat fast, but Chloe's past isn't ready to give her up so easily. Find out what happens at the Storybook Pub...


Go 1-click now! It's only $0.99!

 Enjoy 10 stories about young love... 

? Life was a Miracle by DC Renee

? Finding Home by Danielle Wright

? Bonfires and Fireflies by Rayne Elizabeth

? Stupid Boy by Naomi Springthorp

? Cillian's Revelation (A Family Lies Short Story) the debut of Raelyn D'Coursey

? Fire of the Sun by Stefany Rattles

? Wanting the Unexpected (A Life Unexpected Short Story) by Rachel Lyn Adams

? The Bridge by Victoria J. Hyla

? Who You Use to Be by Jillian Liota

? Shame on You by Tonya Clark

I was just interviewed and made the cover of The Reader's House magazine. Read the full interview at 

Current Projects

  • New romance novel trilogy: Hotel Brisas set in Mexico, Book 1: Rooted Hearts
  • Hugo the Humble (children's)
  • "By the Book," Imperfect Date romantic comedy short (2023)
  • Collaborative fantasy piece with Fox Valley Writers Group
  • Summer Beach romance short  (2023)
  • Girls 3-Day Getaway romance short (2023)
  • Christmas workplace romance short (December 2023)
  • Cross-world fantasy short (TBD)




In-Person Events

Stay Tuned

Online Events

June 17-26: Luv-a-Palooza Romance Readers Extravaganza.

October 7-9: Love & Devotion Author Fair (stay tuned for more).

Private Events

May 20 WESOS Naperville Sponsor: Join me in Naperville on Friday, May 20, at 9:30 am at Paris Bistro in Naperville. Victoria Hyla Maldonado is sponsring.

June 3 WESOS South Aurora Speaker and Sponsor: Join me in Aurora on Friday, June 3, at 12:00 p.m. at Paulie's Pub & Grill in Aurora. Victoria Hyla Maldonado is sponsoring and speaking on the topic of Blog Your Way to “Expert” Status.

June 23 WESOS Aurora Speaker and Sponsor: Join me in Aurora on Thursday, June 23, at 11:30 am at Mike & Denise's in Aurora. Victoria Hyla Maldonado is sponsoring and speaking on the topic of The Value of Your Story.

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Now available, the children's book "Bartleby the Brave" and the Spanish translation "Miedosin el Valiente."

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