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Victorious Editing Services

Contact Victoria for any help with writing or editing. With more than 20 years of professional experience, Victoria can tackle any writing or editing project.

Quotes and sample edits are available before you commit.


General materials average $30-40/hour.

Quotes can be molded to fit any budget. In general, books/manuscripts are charged $1/100 words for substantive editing; $0.50/100 words for basic proofreading. 

Menus Books/Manuscripts Advertising
Flyers Promotions Playbills
Brochures Online Materials Basic Website Management
Signs Business Cards Communications

Contact me via email for a quote for your particular project.

Editing Services Examples

Editor and Reviewer for A Home for Your Heart by Leah M. Kosin

Available on Amazon

Editor for Get In, Get Connected, Get Hired: Lessons from an MBA Insider by Brian Precious

Available on Amazon

Editing and Producing Menus, Website, and More

Editor and Blogger for TheGivingTree

Editor of Blue Fog, the English translation of Ceaţa Albastrǎ by Irina Dumitru (English translation version coming soon).

Current Projects

New romance trilogy set in Mexico

Bartleby the Brave (Children's book)


Author House released Awake in Elysian Fields in June 2020.

Get In Touch

I always love to hear from my readers. Please don't hesitate to contact me at


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