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Children's Books by Victoria Hyla Maldonado

Children's Books

Bartleby the Brave

Illustrated by Ronald B. Botts Jr

Enjoy this tale of kindness.

Miedosin el Valiente

Spanish translation by Antonio Contreras; illustrated by Ronald B. Botts Jr

Disfrute con este historia de amabilidad

Tears for the Butterfly

Illustrated by Kyran Stagnito Wilson 

Enjoy this beautiful tale of love and compassion.

Lagrimas para la mariposa

Spanish translation by Antonio Contreras, illustrated by Kyran Stagnito Wilson (coming soon)

Disfrute con este historia de amor y compasion.

Monstery Donstery Dock

Now Available

This is a spooky and monster-filled "Hickory Dickory Dock" spoof.

Tempest the Turtle

Now Available

This collaboration with Ronald B. Botts Jr is a beautiful story aabout friendship and patience.

More children's books to come!


Reviews and Thank Yous from Teachers, Kids, and Parents!

Read the books to two grandkids today. How wonderful! :) Even more proud of you. They like them, too, and I loved Mika in the one.

\These children's books are filled with beautiful illustrations and adorable storylines, and they carry important messages! 

Current Projects

  • New romance novel trilogy: Hotel Brisas set in Mexico, Book 1: Rooted Hearts
  • Hugo the Humble (children's)
  • "By the Book," Imperfect Date romantic comedy short (2023)
  • Collaborative fantasy piece with Fox Valley Writers Group
  • Summer Beach romance short  (2023)
  • Girls 3-Day Getaway romance short (2023)
  • Christmas workplace romance short (December 2023)
  • Cross-world fantasy short (TBD)




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June 17-26: Luv-a-Palooza Romance Readers Extravaganza.

October 7-9: Love & Devotion Author Fair (stay tuned for more).

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May 20 WESOS Naperville Sponsor: Join me in Naperville on Friday, May 20, at 9:30 am at Paris Bistro in Naperville. Victoria Hyla Maldonado is sponsring.

June 3 WESOS South Aurora Speaker and Sponsor: Join me in Aurora on Friday, June 3, at 12:00 p.m. at Paulie's Pub & Grill in Aurora. Victoria Hyla Maldonado is sponsoring and speaking on the topic of Blog Your Way to “Expert” Status.

June 23 WESOS Aurora Speaker and Sponsor: Join me in Aurora on Thursday, June 23, at 11:30 am at Mike & Denise's in Aurora. Victoria Hyla Maldonado is sponsoring and speaking on the topic of The Value of Your Story.

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Now available, the children's book "Bartleby the Brave" and the Spanish translation "Miedosin el Valiente."

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